Our Ugg Boot keyrings are made from 100% geniune sheepskin. A perfect accessory for your hangbag and set of keys. They come in many colours

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Product Description

Our Ugg Boot key rings are made from 100% genuine sheepskin. A perfect accessory for your handbag and set of keys. They come in many colours

Other colours available:

  • Navy
  • Chestnut
  • Khaki
  • Pink
  • Purple

Merino Sheepskin History and why it’s used in our Ugg Boots

The Merino is one of the most historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep, much prized for its wool. The breed was originated and improved in Extremadura, in southwestern Spain, around the 12th century; it was instrumental in the economic development of 15th and 16th century Spain, which held a monopoly on its trade, and since the end of the 18th century it was further refined in New Zealand and Australia, giving rise to the modern Merino. Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. (Source Wikipedia) (That’s why we love them for our rabbit keyring many colours)

The term¬†merino is widely used in the textile industries, (the sheepskin is used extensively in our UGG Boots) but it cannot be taken to mean the fabric in question is actually 100% merino wool from a Merino strain bred specifically for its wool. The wool of any Merino sheep, whether reared in Spain or elsewhere, is known as “merino wool”. However, not all merino sheep produce wool suitable for clothing, and especially for the clothing worn next to the skin or as a second skin. This depends on the particular strain of the breed.


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