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About Uggies Boot

By purchasing UGG boots from uggies, you own a pair of authentic Australian Ugg boots, we guarantee you purchased a premium product, made with the finest Australian merino sheepskin. Ugg boots in Australian have been manufactured for over a century and are hand made.

Uggies is an Australian owned and operated Ugg boots company in Australia.
These boots are uniquely Australian and are all hand made using 100% luxurious Australian A Grade Double Faced Merino Sheepskin.

Not only is this sheepskin thermostatic, providing excellent insulation against the cold but also absorbs excessive moisture while letting your feet breath in the warmer weather.

We can guarantee that our products meet and exceed Australian Quality Standards and will not sell anything less!

The colours available are Sand, Chocolate, Chestnut & Black

Buy Direct from the Manufacturer. (not just a re-seller)

Uggies prides itself on 100% quality and comfort. (real Aussie quality)

Our boots are washable with a mild wool detergent and to be dried in the shade (yes that’s right, Washable)

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!